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How to set your gain in the Soundcheck/input section
How to set your gain in the Soundcheck/input section

Soundcheck & Gain vs Monitor Volume

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The first thing you need to do before starting a session is to head over to the inputs section to select input and make sure you have a good input signal.

The quickest way to find your input settings is to click the soundcheck button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Input section

In the inputs section, you first need to select the input type for each channel and make sure it is set to live! If your input is set to mic you will get the option to add Phantom Power. (Please make sure your mic can handle Phantom Power as it can be seriously damaged if not.)


In order to get a good Elk LIVE experience it's crucial you make sure to have a good input gain before adjusting your volume with the mixer faders.

Adjust your input gain with the gain pots in the inputs section. A correct gain level should “touch” the orange without ever going into the red. Once you find a good input level you can close the inputs section. Your main audio mix should NOT be done with the gain setting but instead in the mixer section.

Gain vs mixer volume

Once you're in a session you can use the mixer faders to set your main audio mix. It's important to understand that whatever adjustments you do with the mixer channels only affect your mix (and not your bandmates). This is how everyone in a session can set up their own individual monitor mix.


  • If you find yourself having to put one of your bandmate's monitor faders at max volume and still not getting it loud enough, that person has most likely set their input gain too low.

  • If you find the signal from a bandmate distorting, that is most likely because they are running their input gain too hot.

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