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Why is my Bridge Not Found & VPN issues

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Bridge Not Found error message

If you get an error message saying your Bridge can not be found please start by making sure its power is on and the LEDs on the bottom are glowing.

White LEDs

If the LEDs stay white, it means you have no connection to your router.


  1. Try another ethernet cable.

  2. Try another port on your router.

Blue LEDs

If the LEDs glow blue but the Bridges still can't be found, it means that your Bridge is connected to the internet, but it's not on the same network as your computer. It can also be you are using a VPN service.

  1. Make sure your Bridge and computer are on the same network. (Your computer can be on wifi as long as it's on the same network as the Bridge).

  2. Make sure you have actively logged out of any VPN service (or Apple iCloud Private Relay) before trying to connect to your Bridge again. (You might need to login into your VPN service and actively log out. Just closing the tab is not enough.)

If after trying these steps your Bridge still can't be found, please contact our support.

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