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Start New Session with manual connection
Start New Session with manual connection

Starting a session with a Manual Connection

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When starting a new session Elk LIVE automatically finds the optimal way to connect you with your bandmates to ensure the best experience possible.

But in some rare cases, the automatic process is not agreed with by some Internet Providers and you will need to do a manual connection.

Setting up a session with a manual connection

1) Start by clicking the yellow start session! button in the bottom menu of Elk LIVE.

2) In the Start New Session window click the connection icon in the bottom left corner and select the location that is closest to where you are. (Please note, you will only see locations on your continent.)

3) Select your bandmates and click Let's Go! to invite them to the session.

Manual IP

If you can't find a pre-selected location that is anywhere near you, there is the option to manually add an IP address. To do so please use the ? button to contact us and get an IP address based on your location.

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