USB Audio

How to use your Bridge as an audio interface

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USB Audio

By connecting the Bridge to your computer via USB-C you can use it as an audio interface. This allows you to not only send audio from your DAW but also record your Elk LIVE session.

First, start by selecting the bridge as audio interface on your computer. (You might have to do this for both audio in as well as audio out).

USB Audio Input

To enable USB Audio input, start by opening up the inputs section and select USB as input on one of the two input channels. When doing so both channels switches to USB.

USB Audio Output

As default, the USB Audio will output your Full Mix, meaning all incoming channels as well as your own channels.

You also have the option to output:

  • the Local Audio only, excluding the remote audio from your bandmates.

  • the Remote Audio only, excluding your own local audio.

To change USB Audio Output, click the Settings icon in your top right corner and make your selection.

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