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Getting started with the Elk Bridge!
Getting started with the Elk Bridge!

The ABC of the Elk LIVE Bridge

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Getting started with the Elk Bridge!

There are three steps to get up and running with Elk LIVE. Click the links for more details.

Step 1: Connect your Bridge to power and the internet. If you're uncertain about how to do it we have some more in-depth info over here.

Step 2: Create an account & login at (We advise you to use Chrome for this). Make sure you confirm your account in an email that's sent in this step.

Step 3: Setup your subscription.

Welcome to Elk LIVE

First thing you will see when login into your Elk LIVE account is the Backstage. It is one of three different views. The others are Video & Mixer.

1 ) Make sure your Bridge has connected to your account. You do that by checking the Bridge Status in the top left corner. A yellow Bridge icon means All good to go!

2 ) Click Add friends to get your band ready.


3 ) Go to Profil Settings. If you don't already have an Elk LIVE subscription this is where you sort it out under Account Settings.

Setting up a session

1 ) Once your account is in order it's time to get playing. Hit that Soundcheck button in your bottom right corner to select inputs and set your input gain. If you're uncertain please have a look at this article.

2 ) Now you're ready to start a session! Click the yellow button at the bottom and Let's go!

Hopefully, these few steps are enough to get you started. To dig deeper please have a look at our other articles.

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