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Something happened?!
Something happened?!
Written by Rafael Becerra
Updated over a week ago

So something's not right with your Elk LIVE setup?

First off, just to make sure are you running any other audio apps running at the same time? Elk LIVE prefers you don't...

And are you running an older macOS?

Supported macOS: Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura.

If you're running an older macOS you can always get an Elk Bridge. The Bridge will work with any computer running any OS.

If you're alright on the point above but still are having issues, then please make sure to:

  • Keep the Elk LIVE app in focus

  • Try to limit the number of other processes that are using the same internet connection (web browsing, downloads, video streaming) as much as possible.

  • Elk LIVE at the moment requires the sample rate to be set at 48kHz. In case you need to run another audio application at the same time make sure to set the sample rate at 48kHz.

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